Engineering is an important part of Crane Norway Group’s business and adds a new dimension to transport and lifting operations.

Our organisation consists of highly qualified engineers with solid theoretical knowledge and practical experience. In cooperation with highly qualified skilled workers, we have the competence necessary to carry out even the most demanding transport and lifting jobs.

With advanced 3D animation tools, we can plan complex lifting operations with millimetre accuracy and ensure predictability and increased safety for all our operations. In addition to planning operations, our engineers possesses solid engineering expertise and are familiar with all relevant regulations and standards, enabling us to provide complete engineering services for all types of transport and lifting assignments.

løfteoperasjoner Engineering

Detailed Planning of Lifting and Transport Operations

The evolution of the market has in recent years brought strict policies regarding safety and quality, this results in more customers demanding detailed planning with written procedures and documentation in advance of operations. We perform detailed planning of lifting operations by using 3D simulations, this makes it possible for engineers to go through the whole operation virtually beforehand. By doing this, we can make sure that the planned operation will work through all phases. With the tool, we can plan exaclty where the crane must be placed, control the lifting height and clearance needed to avoid physical barriers, as well as document the crane’s capacity in all phases of lifting. Simultaneously, we perform an additional risk assessment, which is always completed by our crane operators ahead of any operation. This form of planning contributes to increased safety and more effective completion of lifting and transport operations.

Installation studies

Traditionally, lifting and transport providers have only been involved in the final phase of a project when the construction modules are prefabricated and ready for installation. Unfortunately, at this stage, all conditions are already defined, and we are often forced to use less cost-efficient solutions and equipment for the installation. To help mitigate this problem, we offer our clients consulting services to take advantage of our specialized skill sets and make the job easier overall.

The scope of our installation studies varies based on each client’s needs and includes, among other things, evaluating alternative installation solutions. In this phase, we consider different installation methods and measure them against each other based on criteria such as feasibility, time, cost, risks, uncertainties, and more. Using this foundation, our clients gain a solid understanding of the situation and can choose the most cost-effective and safe method for completing the project. Simultaneously, we offer useful advice to clients on construction changes that can lead to new and effective methods.

Design and Calculations

Our engineers have extensive experience in drawing, calculating, and documenting all types of lifting and transport equipment. In addition to developing and designing equipment for our own operations, we offer our clients customized solutions for lifting and transport equipment design, strapping and rigging calculation, and more.

Some typical design and calculation assignments we handle include:

  • Delivery of custom-made lifting yokes with a minimum hook height for transformers
  • Delivery of custom-made, section-based lifting beams
  • Design and calculation of specially adapted strapping solutions
  • Delivery of calculation documentation for existing tools and lifting points
  • Design, calculation, and delivery of load distribution plates for cranes
  • Design, calculation, and delivery of transport stools for concrete elements