Crane Norway have a nationwide presence

We recognize that every project has a different scope and scale. Because of this, we need to provide specialized agreements and solutions for specific projects.

Sometimes, a project may only require support from one of our branch offices because it is restricted to a small part of the country.

Other times, a project may span from north to south, necessitating support from several of the nation’s branch offices. In such a case, our knowledgeable staff in the marketing division will function as a national department and will be extremely helpful in organizing and carrying out the project – both locally and nationally.

We find solutions

Crane Norway’s marketing department handles all questions from consumers that require an agreement that covers the entire country, or a major part of it. The marketing department assists you with resolving logistics issues and identifying the best options.

Most of these inquiries can be handled by this department, which also has the authority to sign contracts on behalf of all branch offices. Within the marketing department, you will encounter a high level of specialized knowledge and extensive experience. Here you can be sure that you will receive the greatest care possible.

The marketing department collaborates with and serves all Crane Norway branches and can help you find the optimal solution for your project. The marketing department oversees project planning and acts as a link between you and all branch offices. Regardless of the project´s scope, our primary goal is always to be there for you as a customer!


Contact information

Feel free to contact us in the marketing department via our e-mail: or directly with one of our employees below.