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Nordic Crane Midt-Norge AS

Nordic Crane Midt-Norge AS has the heavy machinery you need to get the big jobs done. With our strong expertise and extensive experience, we specialise in planning and executing projects that focus on quality and safety, mainly in the construction, industrial and wind power sectors.

Nordic Crane Midt-Norge AS provides mobile cranes, transport and foundation engineering services throughout the entire country. We have staff with the expertise and experience to handle all kinds of challenges, which we solve by being both efficient and solution-oriented.

Heavy-duty machines

In addition to the crane and transport services, we have many years of experience in foundation work, soil compaction and grabbing. For this type of work, we can assist you with tracked heavy-duty equipment and specially designed auxiliary equipment.

Contacts Trondheim

Anders Bjørgen
Operations Manager Cranes
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+47 900 12 756

Morten Bakkebø
Operations Manager Transport
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+47 916 34 363

Magnus Johan Gulstad
General Manager NC Midt-Norge
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+47 916 34 364

Geir Ole Berdahl
HSEQ NC Midt-Norge
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+47 950 67 580

Switchboard Trondheim: +47 73969800

24 hrs: +47 73969800

Contacts Verdal/Mosjøen

Ketil Våg
Operations Manager
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+47 915 75 436

Frank Andesen
BAS Mosjøen
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+47 916 34 353

Switchboard Verdal/Mosjøen: +47 73969800

24 hrs Verdal/Mosjøen: +47 73969800

Contacts Ålesund

Kenneth Lande
Operations Manager
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+47 911 61 101

Switchboard Ålesund: +47 70146400

24 hrs Ålesund: +47 73969800

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Nordic Crane Midt-Norge AS
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Nordic Crane Midt-Norge AS
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Øya Industriområde
8656 Mosjøen

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6260 Skodje

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