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Nordic Crane Engineering AS provides engineering services specialising in transport and heavy lift jobs to customers in the oil & gas industry – both onshore and offshore – industrial and construction sectors, as well as services and planning internally at Crane Norway Group.

Our organisation consists of highly qualified engineers with solid theoretical knowledge and practical experience. In cooperation with highly qualified skilled workers, we have the competence necessary to carry out even the most demanding transport and lifting jobs.

With advanced 3D animation tools, we can plan complex lifting operations with millimetre accuracy and ensure predictability and increased safety for all our operations. In addition to planning operations, our engineers possesses solid engineering expertise and are familiar with all relevant regulations and standards, enabling us to provide complete engineering services for all types of transport and lifting assignments.

Detailed planning of transport and lifting operations

Market developments, as well as strict safety and quality requirements, mean that more and more customers have a need for detailed planning, with written procedures and documentation, in advance of operations. When our engineers perform detailed planning of a lifting operation using a 3D computer simulation, it means in practice that they have reviewed and quality assured the entire lifting operation in advance. During this review, we can easily verify the feasibility of the operation in all phases. We have the tools to plan exactly where the crane should be positioned, to check the necessary lifting height and clearance needed to clear obstructions, and to document crane capacity throughout all phases. In addition, in advance of every operation, our operators always perform an additional risk assessment, which comes on top of the mandatory risk assessment. This type of planning contributes to increased safety and more efficient execution of operations.

Installation feasibility studies

As a supplier of transport and lifting services, we have traditionally been involved in the final phase of the project, once structures have been prefabricated and are ready for installation. In this phase of the project, all operating parameters have already been set well in advance and we are often forced to use less cost-effective solutions and equipment to perform the installation. Therefore, we offer our clients consulting services, so that they can benefit from our expertise and thus make the job easier.

The scope of an installation feasibility study will vary according to customer needs and includes advisory services in terms of an evaluation of alternative installation solutions. During this phase, various alternative installation methods are evaluated against each other based on criteria such as feasibility, execution time, overall cost, risk, uncertainty, etc. All of this enables our customers to make an informed decision on the most cost-effective design and the safest way to execute their project. In addition, our customers often receive useful input concerning design changes that can facilitate new and more efficient installation methods.

Design and engineering

Our engineers have extensive experience in drawing, engineering and documentation for all types of transport and lifting equipment. In addition to having the expertise to develop and design equipment for our own operations, we offer our customers solutions for complete custom-designed transport and lifting equipment, design and engineering of strapping and rigging systems and so on.

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