Our employees are our most important resource!

At Crane Norway Group, our employees experience a varied workday with daily challenges. Crane operators have the ultimate and most important responsibility for the job and ensure that work is carried out with the highest degree of safety. Crane work always involves risk, which is why we set strict requirements for our personnel with regard to quality and safety at all stages. The profession is constantly evolving, and we focus on providing our employees with continuing education and up-to-date knowledge.

We are an approved training company for skilled operators in crane and lifting operations, as well as construction machinery mechanics.

We offer competitive pay, good working conditions and a secure job at the best workplace in the industry. This is the key to a stable workforce over the long term, which helps keep experience and expertise in the company.

Our combination of young people who possess expertise on current technology, combined with skilled workers and experienced crane operators, allows us optimise our services, making the company well equipped for the future.

With our vision of “Always there for our customers” firmly anchored in our organisation, we deliver the best quality in the market, making us the first choice for every customer.

karriere Careers
karriere Careers